CLARIFICATION to Jan. 9 story about a Maricopa County animal shelter

EDS: Clients who used a Cronkite News story slugged BC-CNS-Maricopa Shelter that moved Wednesday, Jan. 9, under a PHOENIX dateline, are asked to use the following clarification. The error occurred in the fourth graf from the bottom and in the video. A corrected version of the story has been posted here.

PHOENIX – A Jan. 9 Cronkite News story about the West Maricopa County Animal Care & Control shelter included inaccurate information about the number of animals taken in by the county last year. The article and video accurately quoted a department spokesman, but he has since clarified the information. He said via email that the county shelters took in about 28,000 animals in 2018. In addition, he clarified the shelter is not a “no-kill” facility – severely sick and overly aggressive animals are put down.